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Grow your practice. Enhance your skills.
Impact your community.

We believe that the trusted relationship between physicians and their patients is the key to empowering more patients to be aware of and enroll in a clinical trial. Nowhere is this more important than in the marginalized and underserved communities of color, where just asking a patient to consider it can lead to better outcomes.

Clinical Research as a
Care Option that Works

Clinical, digital and administrative solutions to help improve health outcomes and help your practice grow.

Many physicians are interested in offering their patients research as a care option, yet do not know where to begin. SiteBridge prepares you with a turn-key solution that includes training, technology and data platforms, administrative staff, access to experienced leaders in clinical and site operations, and community engagement opportunities.

We recognize that your time is your most valuable resource.

SiteBridge recognizes that your time is valuable and will also work on your behalf to ensure that you are appropriately compensated in accordance with fair-market value and regulations.

We remove the barriers on your path to growth.

SiteBridge research understands the constraints that new investigators may face when entering the clinical trials space. Our business model focuses on removing barriers for you and your patients to improve participation and health outcomes.


Access to an ongoing stream of new clinical trial opportunities that keeps our physician partners on the leading edge of medical innovation and allows them to offer new potential treatments to their patients, while maintaining direct oversight of that patient journey


Regulatory, ICH/GCP compliance, financial and operational expertise, and access to the leading suite of tools to manage a clinical research program, removing administrative burden and allowing more effective ly and efficiently operations for our partner practices and providing quality by design

Added Revenue

Strengthened and diversified physician and practice income, minimizing upfront fixed costs

Community Engagement

Increased engagement with the community beyond the practice walls to expand access and strengthen the trust between the physician and patient, allowing for more authentic and ongoing connectivity

Benefits to Patients

We address the social determinants of health, develop awareness, and drive motivation to participate

We know that your patients face barriers that may preclude them from fully participating in clinical trials. We acknowledge these potential obstacles and strive to make trials more accessible to participants.

  • Treatments with no out-of-pocket costs
  • Outstanding study-related medical care
  • Home-health care services such as a nurse and a phlebotomist, as allowed
  • Approved and appropriate compensation for their time
  • Transportation assistance when necessary
  • Culturally-competent staff support
  • Health education and culturally-appropriate materials
  • Language interpretation/translation (as applicable and allowed by the study protocols)

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